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Biblical productions provided production services to TV and production companies for many years. Travel Channel, SciFi, Lonely Planet, Underworld cities, and Globe Tracker are just a few from many who use our services, we will take you to the most unique locations in the region covering Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Sinai desert and much more. Our location guide for travel shows has been a great inspiration for travel shows around the world, ranging from adventure shows to secret hideaways, and we will share our knowledge with your team. Thinking out of the box to shoot the most unique footage in our area is our priority and we can take you to markets, hotels, off bit tracks, interesting people, extreme sports, caves, local food, unique people , spa’s, and lost tribes, whatever you will need for the story you would like to tell. We always assist in research and we have the most updated information of events that are happening in our regions, such as festivals, excavations, wineries, restaurants, new vacation destination and much more. Just send us your script and vision and we will send you all information and advise that is relevant for your production

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