Security, Police and Insurance in Israel

Security is something that productions consider when coming to film in Israel. At Biblical Productions we can offer you advice in this area and also have many contacts, offering a range of services, that we can bring in if required.

1. Police

Biblical Productions have a close working relationship with the Israeli Police Force.

We are able to liaise with our police contacts and gain their full co-operation to close streets for filming and to ensure the security of production. We have a unique relationship with the police and have built up their trust over many years.

2. Security

a) On the Set

Biblical Productions work with a number of professional security agencies and are able to give you the benefit of our local knowledge to save you time, effort and cost.

Sharon Schaveet, owner and producer at Biblical Productions says, “People always ask me if they need security when filming in Israel.” The answer may be a surprise to some. She continues, “Israel is a safe place to film in, there is no need for you to spend money on security for documentary films , however, some insurance companies from your country may insist upon it.” If this is the case for your production, then Biblical Productions can liaise with known and trusted security agencies to find you attractive prices for set security. These professional companies can all give your insurance company the documentation they need.

For filming feature films in Israel its highly recommended to hire police to secure the production.

b) At Ben Gurion airport

At Biblical Productions we have strong links with the management at Ben Gurion. We make every effort to facilitate a quick and efficient arrival for your crew, giving you all the paperwork you need to and get through security as smoothly as possible.

We can also organize drivers to collect crew and equipment from the airport.

3. Insurance

There are two choices for purchasing film insurance for your production in Israel.

1. Insure your whole production in own country

2. Insure your production in Israel – Biblical Productions can obtain you quotes on the following:

– 3rd person liability
– equipment – in Israel and Palestinian Authority areas
– set
– crew

Biblical Productions can assist you with all security and insurance matters for your production in Israel.

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