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One of our goals at Biblical Productions is to bring you the best equipment at the fairest prices. We would like to give you a brief introduction to the RED ONE Camera, which is becoming more and more popular with filmmakers all over the world. The RED ONE camera is considered as a small, and affordable, revolution in filmmaking; a camera that records 35mm film quality footage on hard disc. The body of the camera is designed for maximum flexibility and functionality at only 10 Ibs. Matched with a 35mm PL lens mount, it allows you to use existing film lenses. It supports all current HDTV and digital cinema master standards, from which NTSC or PAL can be obtained via standard down conversion rates. Email us at for more information and quotes for the next time that you are Filming in Israel.

Whether you are interested in an HD camera, beta digital or DVCAM, we can provide you the top of the line equipment for your production in Israel. Biblical Productions covers all areas of production coordination in Israel and we can take care of renting Film Equipment for your shoot in Israel. We work with the top equipment houses and can get the best prices for renting Film Equipment. We can provide you with all of the Film Equipment you need, including lights, cameras, sound, crane, dolly and more. Using the services of Biblical Productions will make sure you have all the equipment you need when you arrive in Israel. You will not have worry about renting Film Equipment from afar or bringing your own equipment.

Biblical Productions will deal with all of your needs for renting Film Equipment, and can also provide a plethora of services, such as hiring crews, scheduling, transportation, arranging interviews and obtaining Film Permits. Contact Us with a list of Film Equipment you will be renting in Israel and we will send you a quote.

Renting Film Equipment in Israel through Biblical Productions can be arranged within just a few hours. Call us 24 hours a day and we can deliver the equipment to you anywhere in Israel. For your next production in Israel it is crucial to have excellent equipment. We rent Film Equipment in Israel to companies from all over the world. We can send you a price quote for all of the equipment and we can also advise you based on your production needs. We can guarantee the best service – your success is our success. We can also advise as to whether you should bring your own equipment from your country, because some equipment might be more expensive in Israel. With years of experience we are your address for filming in Israel. Do not hesitate to Contact Us any time – we will answer quickly and proficiently.

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