Make Up, Stylists and Hair Design for films in Israel

When international productions come to film in Israel for the first time, they are always impressed by the quality of the stylists we work with. Biblical Productions has links with make up artists, stylists and hair designers who are at the very top of their profession and who have experience of working in the film industry.

Make Up Artists

We are able to supply you with make up artists who can provide a top quality service for a range of films, including feature films, re-enactments and stills photography. Our experienced artists can also provide specialist services and precise looks that meet your production needs, such as injuries and special effects.

Our highly qualified team has a wealth of experience in the industry and is used to working to the specific requirements of HD cameras.

They can provide your whole cast with the range of looks you need for your production in Israel.


Israel has so many talented stylists, who work to the highest of levels and can provide you with the advanced skills and versatility that you need.

There are a number of highly renowned experts in the fields of style, fashion and design. They have experience of working across the media, in advertizing, commercial TV and the film industry. The stylists we work with at Biblical Productions all understand your production needs and bring you the expertise you require.

Israel has a range of specialist boutiques to put together genuine ‘retro’ looks for your cast. Our stylists can provide you with clothes and costumes to match the time period of your film. If you need clothes from a certain era then they are able to find a vintage wardrobe that really helps to set the scene and make your film authentic. All the stylists we work with pay close attention to detail – ensuring that the accessories and jewelry complement the wardrobe.

Hair Designer

There is no shortage of adaptable and talented hair designers in Israel. We work with the best hair stylists, at the very top of their profession, who have experience of working for fashion magazines and film sets. These creative designers can make period hair styles or cutting edge, modern styles. They work at an international standard and can inject creativity into the overall look of your cast.

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