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Jerusalem Production HouseSince 1985, Biblical Productions has been offering its services as a Jerusalem Production House and wishes to ask you some questions that might help you plan for success in your next Jerusalem production.

When considering your next Jerusalen production, do you know the prices for specific goods and services in Israel?
For example, do you need stock footage? How do you obtain it from a TV station or an Israeli government office and at what cost? Are you interested in flying over specific areas? Is it permitted in those areas? How much does it cost per hour? Do you have a professional cameraman, soundman, lighting technician editor, and director in Israel? Does your production assistant know where to get coffee and pizza because he or she knows the neighborhood?

As your Jerusalem Production House Biblical Productions can give practical solutions to all of these and more challenges to achieving success in Jerusalem production in Israel. We are ready to assist you. Let Biblical Productions be your Jerusalem production house.

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