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Although Israel is very small in size, Israeli film and Israel film industry has steadily been making its way onto the world’s film main stage by producing thought-provoking and beautiful new films every year. Israeli film has been awarded many international awards and films get selected to screen at the most prestigious films every year. The latest example comes from Oscar 2009, where Israeli film was chosen among the final 5 candidates for the best foreign film award.

Israel film Israeli film

Israeli film and Israel film industry lives of the diversity of its country and citizens of which each and every one of them adds their own unique and diverse background, culture and tradition. Israeli film and Israel film industry is a creative powerhouse in the Middle East that tackles controversial subjects and themes. Many of the top professionals working in Israeli film and Israel film industry have gained experience with international crews and regularly work overseas with leading TV networks and feature film directors. Israeli film and Israel film industry has several co-production treaties with foreign countries such as France, Germany and Australia, who regularly send over their directors to work on new features and documentaries on location.

Biblical Productions has been part of Israeli film and the Israel film industry for many years, and we produce our own documentaries and films as well as offering production services to Israeli film and foreign crews. Israel is a fantastic place for producing films, as you can work on different locations such as the Mediterranean and the desert within just one day. The proximity of the locations to each other adds to the popularity of Israel and Israeli film locations. Through the years of working with foreign crews, crews of the Israel film industry and our crew at Biblical Productions understand the importance of having good work ethics, such as professionalism, efficiency, and creating a good work atmosphere.

Biblical Productions can be your key to Israeli film, Israel film industry and to producing in Israel. Years of experience make us an experienced and reliable partner when consulting over stories, scripts and new productions. If there is anything you wish to know about Israeli film, Israel film industry and producing in Israel, email us at: for further information.

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