Fixer Israel

Israel is a friendly country in which to film and Biblical Productions is able to make the experience all that much easier by being your fixer in Israel.

Fixer Israel

Biblical Productions –
Fixer Israel

Biblical Productions’ ‘Fixer Israel’ service has been developed to ensure we respond to the full range of needs our visiting crews have.

Filming can present us with many challenges, starting with navigating customs at the airport! To get your production moving smoothly you will need to obtain special permission to film in a range of public and private locations, such as a particular church or an Israeli air force base. You may wish to interview a prominent Israeli politician or obtain valuable archival footage from a TV station. Whatever your challenge it is likely that Biblical Productions have experience in this area and our ‘Fixer Israel’ service will act as your bureaucracy buster and ideas generator, solving each and every problem as it arises.

If you are interested in aerial photography in Israel, then Biblical Productions’ ‘Fixer Israel’ service can find out whether the Israeli Air Force will allow you fly where you wish to. We can either gain permission for your desired flight or advise you that it is not possible before you have invested a great deal of money into the project.

Biblical Productions’ ‘Fixer Israel’ service can answer all the questions you may have about security, locations, customs, language and technical matters.

When filming abroad, it is not just a matter of knowing what you need but of knowing the right people. In addition, speaking to people in their own language can be crucial to having a smooth film production in Israel.

‘Fixer Israel’ is the ultimate production support service in Israel. It will ease your production, take the strain from your already overloaded schedule and will save you time and money as well as remove unnecessary hassles.

Let Biblical Productions be your fixer in Israel and show you the positive results of working with us.

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