Filming in the Old City of Jerusalem

Filming in the Old City of JerusalemThe Old City of Jerusalem is perhaps the most unique place on earth to film. Based in Jerusalem, Biblical Productions is the ideal company to work with if you are interested inFilming in the Old City of Jerusalem. With years of experience filming in the city, and all around the country, we will deliver the results that you need in the most professional and efficient manner, when Filming in the Old City of Jerusalem. After years of working on countless productions in the city we have become intimately acquainted with every corner of the Old City. Working with leading directors’ of photography from around the world, we have taken them to unknown spots and hidden corners of the Old City, enabling them to film the magnificent city with their own personal touch.

The Old City of Jerusalem is made up of four quarters: the Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter, Moslem Quarter and Jewish Quarter. Each quarter has its own unique structures, holy places, inhabitants, rooftops views of the city and archeological ruins. When Filming in the Old City of Jerusalem, Biblical Productions will take you to the most important locations. In addition, Biblical Productions can arrange permissions to film at each location, because Film Permits are needed when Filming in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City can be labyrinth to those who are unacquainted with its alleyways and eclectic neighborhoods. When you work with Biblical Productions you can be sure that we will guide you through the alleyways, and make your Filming in the Old City of Jerusalem a straightforward success.

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