Filming in Israel: How to Find Filming Equipment in Israel

When you plan a production in Israel there are many things to consider. Aside from the main pre production arrangements such as script, cast and crew, you will need to think about the equipment you plan to bring with you and determine the filming gear that you will need to rent locally.

Filming in Israel
How to Find Filming Equipment in Israel

Biblical Productions Equipment Advice

Before making any firm decisions contact Biblical Productions for advice and guidance. Our service starts long before you land in Israel and we are experts in our field.

We can advise you on equipment that you should bring with you – perhaps because it is expensive to rent in Israel or hard to come by. We can also advise you about insurance documentation and charges as well as other transportation issues.

We know all the equipment that is best transported to Israel for your shoot, as well as the items that are costly or present logistical or organizational burdens and are better off rented locally.

Finding Film Equipment in Israel

At Biblical Production we can help you find filming equipment in Israel. We have close relationships with a number of specialist film equipment companies and can inquire about availability and costs. Our existing arrangements with these companies means that we can also attract discounts on your behalf.

Finding film equipment in Israel is something Biblical Productions are experienced at. We can ensure that the precise item you need is available at the location and time that you require it. If you need an item at short notice, we can also make arrangements for the transportation of additional equipment in a prompt manner, ensuring your shoot runs smoothly, without delay.

Filming in Israel

Sometimes when filming in Israel we discover the need for a particular piece of equipment. Maybe the weather or lighting necessitates something specific or perhaps you need to shoot in an inaccessible spot or difficult conditions.

Biblical Productions are familiar with your full range of needs and are on the spot to be your fixer in Israel, finding film equipment and making arrangements to ensure your shoot not only runs to budget and schedule but results in stunning footage.

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