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When TV crews set out to film around the globe, many productions make use of a local production company to help them organize and coordinate their shoot. For your next film in Israel, Biblical Productions offers professional, reliable and extremely efficient production services to your company and network.

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Biblical Productions is considered one of the leading and most professional service providers for film in Israel. For your production in Israel, we offer a comprehensive service package: hiring top crew, casting actors and extras, scouting locations, hiring the best equipment, consulting on your script and much more. We deliver all our services for your production in Israel at the highest quality and absolute integrity and professionalism. Whatever format of production in Israel; feature film, documentary, doco-reality, short film or TVC; Biblical Productions’ expertise on the field can be your strongest asset when coming to film in Israel.

Being a location expert is an essential part of our expertise on the field. It is crucial for your production in Israel to know exactly which locations will serve your script best and where you will get the best shots. Biblical Productions knows the country inside out and our experience of working alongside top professional DPs will guide you to the best locations and film spots. Your film in Israel is our top priority when providing production services and we take this responsibility very seriously and aim to deliver the best possible results. We work fast and cost-efficient, in order to make the best out of your film in Israel.

Israel is small in size, yet has plenty to offer. Whether film in Israel focuses on archaeology, history, the IDF, religions, or the Middle East conflict, we know how to connect you with the right interview partners and experts that are so crucial for any production in Israel. We are extremely well connected with all authorities and with locals, and we can arrange any permit and handle official procedures for you. Allow Biblical Productions to be your guide for the next production in Israel to make it a real success:

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