Film Editing in Israel

Working with Biblical Productions, you will also benefit from the experience and professional knowledge of Nissim Mossek, who is one of the top TV News Production editors in Israel. Nissim was Chief Editor at Reuters for 10 years and has worked in Film Editing with clients from CNN, BBC, FOX, ABC, AP, and many other TV networks.

He has also worked as Director/Editor for Israel Broadcasting Authority in New York, and as Film Editor for the Israel Broadcasting Authority in Jerusalem. His as a Director was acknowledged in 2004 when Nissim was awarded the Landau Prize for his work as Best Director of the year.

As Producer, Director and Chief Editor, Nissim Mossek is an integral part of the Biblical Productions operation, with his own editing suite in Jerusalem. If you need information about Film Editing, or other matters important for successful Film Production in Israel, contact Nissim Mossek at Biblical Productions. The following are some of the documentary films that Nissim Mossek edited and directed:
Shalom Abu Bassem (2004), Who is Mordechai Vanunu (2004), Have You Heard about the Black Panthers? (2002), Adolph Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs (2002), Rebirth – International version (1998), Aiming High (1998), Rabin Remembers (1997), Mysteries of Jerusalem Series (1996), Neighbors or Foes (1995), War and Peace in the Middle East (1995), To Conquer the Mountain or Die: The Life of Menachem Begin (1994), Credo: The Muslims of Bulgaria (1994), The Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls (1993), Pillars of Fire (1980).

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