Feature Film Production Services in Israel

When hiring feature film production services in Israel you need a production company that knows the business inside out and the country from top to bottom.

At Biblical Productions we have years of experience of working with international crews and understand the complexities of filming in different settings under tight time constraints. That’s why we plan for each shoot so thoroughly and pull together only those cast and crew who offer the same high professional standards as we do.

We offer feature film production services in Israel that ensures your feature film shoot runs on schedule and produces amazing footage.

We Get the Basics and the Specifics Right

In order to produce a high caliber feature film you need the support of a tight-knit team of film professionals and cutting edge film equipment. As an experienced film fixer Biblical Productions can

hire a talented local cast and technically adept crew members,
find cameras, lenses, lighting and any other equipment you need to hire locally at the best prices,
suggest unique, famous or secret film locations in Israel as well as organize the relevant permits,
organize the basics: transportation, hotels and catering.

Our feature film production services in Israel are comprehensive and responsive. We deal with all your requests with a professional approach and ‘can do’ attitude. We can find obscure props without breaking into a sweat. We can locate specialist equipment that you did not realize you needed until the last minute. We can find you cast members with the right performance skills, languages and even accents.

At Biblical Productions we understand that the finer details matter. We strive to provide the highest quality standards and have a history of exceeding our clients’ expectations for our feature film production services in Israel.

Our Creative Input

One thing that makes Biblical Productions stand out from the crowd is the artistic input we are able to bring to productions. We totally ‘buy in’ to every production we work on and become an integral part of your creative team as part of our feature film production services in Israel.

When we take you to a filming location we don’t just leave you to figure out the best lighting and filming angles. Our expert local knowledge and understanding of the film industry means that we can point out all those secret places that will give you optimum shots.

We can take you to prime filming positions that capture the essence of each location you visit. We can help you preserve on film the inherent beauty and uniqueness of each setting. Our advice enables you to get memorable shots that will enhance your feature film.

At Biblical Productions we take the time to understand your needs. We consider your initial story and creative ideas and help to turn them into a vibrant, cinematic happening. By using our feature film production services in Israel you will go home with unforgettable shots that give your film the X factor.

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