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Israel is a spectacular backdrop for feature films of all genres. Its landscapes are varied enough to make it suitable for modern and historical dramas and to represent a range of international settings.
Let Biblical Productions showcase the amazing backdrop that Israel can offer your feature film. Here are some of our choice locations.

Filming in the Galilee
Filming in the Galilee
The Galilee in the north is an ideal feature film location in Israel, boasting an abundance of lush green hills and framed by rugged mountains. The spectacular center piece is the sparkling, historic Sea of Galilee, which is in fact a large lake.
Stunning, atmospheric shots can be obtained from the high peaks, looking down on picturesque valleys which change with the season – from soft green to colorful blooms. Use the beauty of the Galilee as your next feature film location in Israel. This area provides authentic Biblical scenery but is a versatile setting that is also ideal for action films and modern dramas. The sheer array of shots – water, mountain, caves, valley, snow-topped peaks, forest flora, fields of sheep and olive groves – make it indeed an incredible feature film location in Israel.




Filming in AkkoFilming in Akko
Akko has an atmospheric labyrinth of alleyways and ancient streets that would serve well as a feature film location in Israel and add drama to any historical film. Other highlights are the Knights Halls and Hospitaller Castle. They’re full of mystery, with high columns, domed brick ceilings, stone archways and more. Akko has the potential to recreate the ancient Israel through amazing scenes and is great for atmospheric, candlelit shots. It’s one of the most intriguing feature film location in Israel.






Filming in JerusalemFilming in Jerusalem
There is no substitution for the real thing. Nowhere else can you recreate the awesome vision of the rays of the setting sun reflecting off the Dome of the Rock. Where else can you include images of the Western Wall, City of David and other ancient wonders? Jerusalem is a very special feature film location in Israel. It is awash with Jewish, Muslim and Christian history. Follow the footsteps of Jesus, feel the aura of King Solomon and take in the wonder of Mohammed’s last resting place before ascending to heaven.
The Old City with its narrow, arched passageways is a marvelous feature film location in Israel and its ancient markets are will transport your viewers back in time. Nowhere on earth is there anywhere to rival this gem of a feature film location in Israel. Its culture, history and charms are simply unique.




Filming in JerichoFilming in Jericho
Jericho is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and as such has a wealth of archeological treasures and stunning backdrops. Framed by hills and full of interesting places to film, it is an obvious addition as a feature film location in Israel.







Filming in the Judean Desert
The Judean Desert is a stunning backdrop and our favourite feature film location in Israel. It has breathtaking scenes at every angle including dramatic sand dunes, monastic retreats, hideaway caves, and starry desert skies, camels and more. All of this exotic scenery is just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem, where film crews, equipment and production offices are close at hand to support your choice of Israel as your next feature film destination.





Filming in Timna ParkFilming in Timna Park
Just north of Eilat, at Israel’s most southern tip, this amazing feature film location in Israel contains natural stone phenomena. Highlights include Solomon’s Pillars and the soft sandstone formations shaped by the wind. These are even more dramatic at sunset or when illuminated at night. Timna Park provides an unusual and memorable setting as a yet under exposed feature film location in Israel.





Filming in the Negev DesertFilming in the Negev Desert
This massive desert is home to Bedouin Arabs, who have managed to preserve some of the facets of ancient and biblical life; a fantastic inspiration for recreating ancient landscapes and its inhabitants. Capture the breathtaking scenery, desert monasteries and stunning colors of the Negev as your next feature film location in Israel. The often sought after red mountain scenery which one knows from Lawrence of Arabiaare easily found in Timna Park and the rest of the Negev desert…





Biblical Productions can help you get the most out of any feature film location in Israel. We can find you a perfect and undiscovered feature film location in Israel, which adds amazing production value to your shoot and we can open doors for you that make your feature film shoot in Israel an unforgettable experience.

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