Feature Film Line Producer in Israel

Producing a feature film overseas is a complex undertaking. Hiring a local feature film line producer is often the one necessary step that can bring immense production value and a smooth flow to your shoot.

Hiring a feature film line producer in Israel ensures your shoot runs efficiently and hassle-free from beginning to end as you have a local company and an experienced team taking care of your production from A-Z. A local feature film line producer is not just an additional person on the pay roll; they are your gateway to a successful production in countries with different languages, lots of red tape, local customs and a mentality that can be so different to your own.

Biblical Productions Line Production Service

Biblical Productions offers feature film line producer services to companies worldwide and our successful track record show we understand our job, the demands of complex productions and the nature of film shoots better than others.

This is the list of services we offer:

Location scouts (pre-scouts without client, then scouts with client)
Equipment hire and technical assistance
Top Israeli local crew
Casting services
Creative consulting on scripts, ideas and implementation of your vision
Production management and budgeting of your shoot
Permits for all locations in the country
Security liaison

It is not just the wide range of services we can offer as a feature film line producer in Israel that our customers remember us for. It is the high quality of our service; the professionalism, ideas and enthusiasm that we bring to every feature film we work on.

Ensuring a Smooth-Running Schedule

Biblical Productions has carved out a solid reputation with film crews from around the globe as a feature film line producer. We don’t only take care of the technical side of things; we understand the importance of looking after your cast and crew, going the extra mile to show you that your production is in good hands.

Our pre production support, forward planning and attention to detail ensures that you are fully prepared for your shoot. At Biblical Productions we are known for our solid organization which prevents delays and saves you time and money. Our intuitive understanding of your needs makes Biblical Productions your number one choice as a feature film line producer in Israel.

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