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Since its establishment in 1985, Biblical Productions has enjoyed an international reputation as one of the highest quality houses for documentary production in Israel. Under the inspired leadership of Sharon Schaveet and her partner, Nissim Mossek, an award-winning documentary film director and editor, Biblical Productions has produced numerous Documentary Productions in Current Affairs, History, Society and Archaeology of Israel that meet world standards in both aesthetics and content. Some of the documentary production Israel films produced by Biblical Production include:

Have You Heard About the Panther?
Shalom Abu Bassem
Eichmann Memories
The Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrols
War and Peace in the Middle East
Mona Lisa of the Galilee
Who is Murdechai Vanunu?

The Biblical Productions team includes some of best documentary film researchers, writers and cameramen. We also co-produce with TV network and production companies. Our office is located in Jerusalem. If you are planning to shoot Documentary Productions in Israel, let us know how we can assist.
Documentary Productions in Israel

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