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Documentary Films Israel

Biblical Productions is a leading independent production house for Documentary Films in Israel. We specialize in current affairs, social issues, archaeology, religion, and history.

In addition to our own documentary Film Production, Biblical Productions serves as the Jerusalem-based production house for other film companies. With a large collection of archival films, Biblical Productions can also serve as their main source of archival footage and professional archival research is available.

Biblical Productions assists foreign crews making Documentary Films in Israel and produces original documentaries about Israeli society. Some our award winning documentary films include: Have you Heard about the Panthers? (2002), Shalom Abu Bassem (2005), Salvador – The Ship of Shattered Hopes (2006), and Citizen Nawi (2007).

Biblical Productions is also involved in co-productions with networks from all over the world. You can find many fascinating subjects to use forDocumentary Films in Israel. With years of experience producing Documentary Films in Israel for the local and international market, Biblical Productions is the best source for information on Documentary Films in Israel. Feel free to Contact Us at any time and we will be glad to assist you.

If you are looking for documentary films from Israel, visit our website for titles of our films and purchasing options. If you would like to produce Documentary Films in Israel our website has a plethora of resources for film professionals. We provide advice on hotels, restaurants and much more. All of our advice is specifically geared towards foreign films crews. We also have articles on subjects relevant to the region and a location guide Israel with descriptions of sites around the country that you can for your next documentary film in Israel.

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