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Christian ProductionBiblical Productions is a leading provider for production services in Israel and we provide our services to many Christian Productions and leading production companies around the world. Situated in the holy city of Jerusalem, home to the three world religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, our company is in proximity to the very roads and churches where Jesus walked and preached. Biblical Productions has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Christian Production in Israel. Over the years, we have gathered vast knowledge of biblical themes and stories; and we offer our knowledge to our clients to tackle Christian Productions and biblical themes from new angles and perspectives. We conduct research and liaise with high-profile Christian scholars, historians and archaeologists who can su

pport your Christian Production with new evidence and knowledge.
We at Biblical Productions understand the deep connection of Christians around the world to the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and we strive to deliver the best shots and beautiful footage for Christian Productions in the Holy Land. As a leading production service provider for foreign TV networks and crews, we work with the utmost professionalism and efficiency to make sure every production is a success. Every single Christian Production we assess individually to know exactly what is needed and which locations will be most beneficial for you. Our Christian Productions service package includes the scouting of all locations, permits for churches, transport, hiring crew and much more.

Filming your Christian Production in the Holy Land will get you to see breathtaking landscapes, ancient archaeological sites, religious wisdom and history. For your next Christian Production in Israel, come and see where Jesus of Nazareth lived and preached, and experience the wonder of a visit to the sites that bear witness to Jesus’ life and works. Biblical Productions can be your expert along the way.

Biblical Productions also owns a vast archive that includes many important historical events as well as plenty of footage from Christian locations and ceremonies such as Easter, Christmas, Jericho, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, and of course Jerusalem. If you need additional footage for your Christian Productions, do not hesitate to approach Biblical Productions. We will conduct archival research for you and select the best shots at the highest quality that will serve your Christian Production in Israel. We deliver timely and at very fair prices. For more information on Christian Productions in the Holy Land, write to us at:

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