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Bible MovieBiblical Productions is a leading provider for production services in Israel with a strong focus on biblical themes and bible movies. If you are looking for assistance for producing your next bible movie in Israel, our expertise in producing bible movie can be your greatest asset.

The bible as a central religious text to Judaism and Christianity is a terrific fundament for your next bible movie in the Holy Land. Biblical Productions has over 15 years of experience in the field of film production in Israel and our production services for foreign crews include the arrangement of beautiful re-enactments for a bible movies in the desert. Whether you need to recreate a scene of Abraham and his sons, Jesus and his disciples, or simply recreations from biblical times with animals, actors and costumes for your next bible movie, Biblical Productions as your expert for biblical themes is your number one stop for any recreation scene.

Located in Jerusalem, our proximity to the desert and our good relations with locals and authorities can benefit your bible movie. We arrange animals, actors, and the perfect locations for any bible movies or theme. We work with the best costume designers and set designers in the country that can create a marvelous atmosphere for your next bible movie and recreations in the desert or the holy city. We always strive to deliver the best possible results and work to be as cost-efficient as possible for all productions.

Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, we are experts for all locations that are connected to the bible and can serve as the real location for a bible movie. At Biblical Productions we also do extensive research for our clients to get the best story and the right angles for a bible movies. We liaise with many of the leading biblical scholars in the country and their knowledge and wisdom can enhance your next bible movie and give it new insights. Any bible movies story or new production is treated with strictest confidentiality and integrity and we prepare every production, whether it is a documentary, feature film or bible movie, with meticulous attention to details. For more information on bible movies in Israel, visit

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