The Travel Channel explores Israel and Jordan

October was a busy month at Biblical Productions. Within hours of the NBC film crew’s departure, the Morningstar Entertainment crew arrived in Israel to film two episodes of their new show Secret Worlds for the Travel Channel. Producer Director Paul Benz was accompanied by DP Tanner Wolfe and the show’s host, archaeologist Michael Arbuthnot.

Filming on a sailing yacht in Akko Filming at Caesarea

Biblical Productions
Filming on a sailing yacht in Akko

Biblical Productions
Filming at Caesarea

Biblical Productions provided further local crew; arranged logistics and Sharon Schaveet accompanied the shoot as a production manager. Their ten day shoot took the crew from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem, to beautiful old Acre and its fascinating tunnels, to old crusader castles in the north and finally to Amman, Jordan. Biblical Productions was responsible for all services in Israel and Jordan and on this occasion worked in conjunction with the Israel Tourism Board who contributed to the successful completion of the shoot with their generous support. The crew enjoyed a fantastic dive at the Caesarea underwater park for which Israel’s leading underwater DP Yariv Mor joined the team. They also explored the beautiful Israeli Mediterranean coastline with a small yacht hired for the occasion – a unique way to explore Israel’s old ports and archaeological wonders. Several national and international experts, Alison Schofield, Meir Bar-Ilan, Robert Kool and Julie Baretz contributed to the show’s content and success on different locations around the country. It was a great pleasure working with such a professional and kind crew and we wish the show great success.
Special thanks also to Motti Saar from the Israeli Tourism Board who took fantastic care of the crew all along the way.

Diving in Caesarea Filming at a Cafe in Amman

Biblical Productions
Diving in Caesarea

Biblical Productions
Filming at a Café in Amman

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