The Beyond Series films in Israel

The Beyond Series films in Israel

Biblical Productions
The Beyond Series films in Israel

Although we work on a lot of Christian documentaries, no two shows are ever the same! Every host finds something unique to say about locations in the Holy Land, every DP finds a new, marvellous shot of places such as the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Olives or the Western Wall. Christian crews amaze us again and again with their enthusiasm and passion for filming in Israel and world famous locations, and in return, we strive to manage their production the best way possible.
The Beyond Series films in IsraelThe Beyond Series is a remake of a famous Australian show from twenty odd years ago about religion and faith; to create this astonishing new version the crew travelled to such unique locations around the world such as Cambodia and South Korea. It was a pleasure to watch host Dannielle Synot from Sydney work in front of the camera, admire Gordon Brown’s precise camerawork and see director Kyle Portbury rising to any challenge. The crew was led by veteran producer Neal Allen, whose perseverance and dedication to the job (despite being sick) are nothing short of amazing. The one who held it altogether was production manager Elizabeth Duplock, and we look forward to seeing the footage of one stunning sunrise over the Sea of Galilee!

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