Red Sky TV returns to Israel for more filming and biblical re-enactments

Filming the Via Dolorosa - in the footsteps of Jesus

Biblical Productions
Filming the Via Dolorosa – in the footsteps of Jesus

It was our pleasure to welcome back New Zealand filmmaker Bryan Bruce from Red Sky TV in Wellington. After having previously shot in Israel in April, he now returned to focus on some vital biblical re-enactment scenes and further interviews, before venturing of to Europe with Israel based Director of Photography Noam Teich. His documentary about “The Historical Jesus”, which is set to air in 2010 and will be accompanied by a book, is a thought-provoking investigation into the Jesus trial and crucifixion. Different crucifixion scenes were filmed as re-enactments in an intense shooting day in a West Bank village with more than 30 people on set and two cameras covering all angles. Production manager Sharon Schaveet secured a beautiful and authentic location that served the filming atmosphere for these challenging scenes very well. Further locations shot during this week of production were Qumran, Herodion, the Old City, Sepphoris and Nazareth, plus an inspiring interview with Prof. Hershkovitz from the Sackler Faculty at the University of Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned in 2010 for more details on this new historical documentary that shall rock the boat of common historical assumptions.

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