PBS returns to Israel for finishing touch of documentary

Filming re-enactment in the desert

Biblical Productions
Filming re-enactment in the desert

It is always a great pleasure to see clients returning to Israel for further film & TV productions and we were especially honoured to provide production services once again to Galan Inc. from the US. Their much anticipated documentary series “The Route to Christianity” is due for airing in early 2012 on PBS. This time around, we filmed some more biblical re-enactments in beautiful desert scenery.

Filming re-enactment in the desertBiblical Productions
Filming re-enactment in the desert
Biblical Productions took care of all props, animals and extras and provided thorough pre-production to help bring this exciting series to completion. We look forward to seeing the series soon and wish the talented producers Hector & Evy Galan the best of luck for all their future endeavours.

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