Loren & Alexei: After the 90 days (TLC)

We love to work with returning clients – we first worked on this production in 2016 when they had their second wedding in Israel as part of 90 Days Fiance, and now in 2021 they are back again, with their own spin-off!We finished shooting an update with Alexei, who wasn’t able to visit his family for 2 years since covid, and we captured this emotional reunion. Alexei came alone, and still under covid rules, we worked with an all local crew, guided by the director in the US through zoom. A different way of working, especially in reality, but our crew did a great job in capturing the style and demands for this show.90 Days Fiancé is an American reality show where Americans with a foreign partner have 90 days to get married in order to receive a K-1 visa.Loren (USA) met Alexei (Israel) while traveling Israel and got married shortly after. Since then, they have been happily married, and welcomed their second boy in aug 2021!

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