Bruce Burgess returns to Israel to work on his own project

Bruce Burgess in IsraelBruce Burgess is known for directing and hosting a series of documentary specials on potentially conspiracy subjects, and today he is shooting a new independent project that deals with the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant is a chest described in Book of Exodus as containing the Tablets of Stone on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed and pieces of manna. According to the Book of Exodus, the Ark was built at the command of God, in accordance with the instructions given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The main significance of the Ark is that it is – together with the Red Heifer – the missing piece in order to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem.
Bruce is trying to find out how relevant finding the Ark of the Covenant is today and he is also exploring if the Arks that have been found are authentic.
With local production led by Biblical Productions; Bruce interviewed Shimon Gibson, Gabby Barkai and antique collector Khader Baidun. On the other side he visited the 3rd temple movement… they are believed to be waiting for news of the coming of the ark to build a third temple on temple mount. This story is far from finished and we wish Bruce good luck in finding the truth behind the legend of the Covenant.

Bruce Burgess returns to Israel Bruce Burgess works on his own project

Biblical Productions
Bruce Burgess returns to Israel

Biblical Productions
Bruce Burgess works on his own project

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