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Biblical Productions is always striving for excellence and we aim to continuously advance and expand our production services. Thus we are thrilled to announce that we are now also offering production services in Egypt in addition to our long standing Production Services in Israel and our recently added Production Services in Jordan.

Egypt is not like any other country when it comes to filming professional documentaries, features and commercials. Beautiful but rugged, full of history but fighting economical difficulties, Egypt has a reputation for being a challenging place to film in. This is why at Biblical Productions we only work with the most experienced and reliable fixers on the ground for our production services in Egypt.

Egypt is best known for its ancient civilizations and monuments, which draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The Nile Delta was home to these ancient civilizations for about three thousand years. Sites like the Pyramid of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, the Egyptian Museum and the big Sphinx are known and admired worldwide.  We can arrange and secure these famous locations for your international film crew, as well as other, smaller excavations, street markets, the citadel, ship tours, desert landscapes and much more.

Artifacts and ancient rock carvings in Egypt date back to as early as the 10th millennium BC. The period of the Great Pharaohs lasted from 1550 to 1070 BC, when Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Tutankhamun and Ramsses II ruled the land. The history of Ancient Egypt began about three thousand years ago when the first Pharaoh united the Upper and Lower Kingdom. The historical achievements in architecture, construction work, astrology and surveying techniques are recognized worldwide as unique for their time, and even now.

The rule of the Pharaohs ended about 31 BC when the Romans conquered Egypt and made it a province. Their architecture, culture and religion influenced the region much in the following years and Christianity began to spread in the first century AD. Our Production Services in Egypt can take you to the beautiful Sinai Peninsula that is home to biblical locations like Mount Sinai and St. Katharine’s Monastery.  Sinai offers the opportunity to shoot biblical recreations in an amazing desert landscape, or go for fantastic diving trips in the Red Sea to explore the underwater life along the coastline.

One of the main issues that clients wonder about when filming in Egypt is health & safety. Generally speaking, Egypt is a safe place for filming, but our local fixer will take extra precautions and arrange for police escorts when filming in public places. Health & safety issues are critically important for Biblical Productions and we can give all our clients thorough and reliable advice for Egypt, Jordan and Israel. For example, we strongly recommend that our clients avoid tap water, only use bottled water, and avoid fresh local fruits and salads during their stay in Egypt. Five star hotels are generally recommended to ensure a comfortable production.


Here is a selection of the production services that we offer in Egypt:
• Securing all locations and arranging permits
• Providing an Arabic-speaking location manager / field producer
• Assistance in bringing equipment into the country / customs
• Camping services with full board for filming in remote areas
• Arranging accommodation at competitive corporate prices
• Equipment rental (digital and film)
• Full services for filming recreations (extras, animals, prop masters, make-up artists and much more)
• All logistical planning and hiring of trucks, jeeps, vans etc.
• Risk assessment & safety management
• Meet & greet by a local authority for arrival and departure, help with visa and equipment issues


Biblical Productions is your ideal partner for filming in Egypt. Our local fixers are well connected and we take care of your production from arrival to departure. We are able to tackle the difficulties that arise during a shoot and we know how much time to allocate in order to secure the right permits. Generally, we advise our clients to allocate more time for pre-production than usual, as permits can take up to 4 weeks. Please note also that Egypt is very expensive regarding location costs and prices are subject to change on short notice.

For more detailed information on our production services in Egypt, and information about health & safety, risk management, locations and costs please email us at:


Filming at the Pyramids in Egypt Filming at The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt

Biblical Productions
Filming at the Pyramids in Egypt

Biblical Productions
Filming at Khan Khalili Market in Cairo, Egypt

Filming in Cairo, Egypt Filming at The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt

Biblical Productions
Filming in Cairo, Egypt

Biblical Productions
Filming at The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt

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