Production Services Bethlehem

Production Services Bethlehem

During your next production in Israel if you are planning to film in Bethlehem, Biblical Productions can provide you with Production Services in Bethlehem. Our company, based in Jerusalem, is located in close proximity to Bethlehem, making arrangements to film in the city particularly convenient. With years of experience filming with foreign crews in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority, we can provide comprehensive Production Services in Bethlehem. We can arrange all aspects of the production with our Production Services in Bethlehem. Biblical Productions will coordinate Film Permits for the Church of Nativity and Rachel’s Tomb, hire crews and equipment and take care of transportation and scheduling.

Bethlehem is a site with religious significance. Bethlehem is an important city for Christianity because according to the Gospels it is the birthplace of Jesus. The Church of Nativity, built by Constantine the Great in 330 CE, stands in the center of Bethlehem over a cave called the Holy Crypt, which, according to Christian tradition, is the place where Jesus was born. In Jewish tradition Bethlehem is believed to be the site of the matriarch Rachel’s tomb.

Bethlehem is under the Palestinian Authority and you need to cross a military checkpoint to enter the city. With our Production Services in Bethlehem we will assist you in this process and make sure all of your production needs in Bethlehem are taken care of. Please Contact Us and let us know what you would like to film in Bethlehem and we will respond with details of our Production Services in Bethlehem.

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