Filming Biblical Re-enactments in Israel

Fixer IsraelBiblical Productions have a broad experience in the TV and film industry. We work across many genres and are adept at catering for a wide range of production needs.

When filming in Israel there is a naturally spectacular back for any documentary, feature film or other production. If you are planning to film biblical re-enactments as part of your production, Israel offers a great variety of visually stunning locations and historical sites. These give your production an authentic touch that can only be achieved by filming in the land of the Bible.

Filming Biblical Locations in Israel

At Biblical Productions we have both industry and local knowledge. We have filmed a broad range of biblical re-enactments in Israel and can anticipate and respond to your needs.

We can take you not only to the most authentic and historical sites but also know where to film the most picturesque vineyards and olive groves with ancient, twisted trees. We can take you to colossal mountains, desert hideaways, secluded monasteries, picturesque rivers and old towns with ancient architecture. Our local knowledge and filming expertise combines to provide you with helpful ideas as well as backs for stunning film footage that you would never discover alone.

We know secret spots in Jerusalem and across Israel; all those locations that still retain the ambiance of biblical times. We are familiar with popular settings such as Jericho, Bethlehem and Jerusalem but also of lesser known locations for filming in Israel, such as Ramallah and Nablus. Wherever you want to film your biblical production in Israel we can ensure all your equipment is safely transported and obtain the permits required to film at public and historical sites.

Filming Biblical Productions

We understand that it is sometimes the smaller details that help create authenticity in historical productions. At Biblical Productions we go the extra mile; we can help you with costumes, set design, props, ing and more. Whether you need a of actors with strong, Middle Eastern features or a massive for a crowd scene, our connection to local agencies will ensure all your talent needs are met.

In past biblical productions we have taken the time to find weathered, twisted nails to use in crucifixion scenes and advised on period costumes and make up. We also our eyes over your set and props, taking care that your dwellings, furnishings and smaller items such as wine pitchers and goblets are all period pieces. We can also arrange for animals, such as camels, sheep and donkeys to be on set.

Our in-depth experience means that we can erect authentic-looking crosses and help you put together a set that truly takes your audience back in time and even looks good under the scrutiny of HD. We can also arrange special effects expertise and equipment for your biblical production in Israel.

Filming in Israel

Biblical Productions can provide you with a comprehensive production service, acting as your ‘Israel fixer’. Our wealth of experience and industry connections gives you great production value.

Within a day you can film biblical scenes in Israel that enrich your film. Before you look into filming a biblical re-enactment make sure you check out the cost and benefits of locating your film production in Israel – we are confident you will be impressed by the costs, level of local expertise and the array of amazing film settings that are on tap here in Israel.

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