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Filming the First Monastery in the Holy Land
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Filming Operation Entebbe
Producer and expert in film production in Israel, Sharon Schaveet explains her company’s strengths. “At Biblical Productions we assist production companies from all over the world in their pre production research and identification of just the right people for interview.
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Filming The history of Israel – Different Perspectives
Covering the history of Israel from 1948-1973, this article includes candid insightful interviews with the major figures of the day, including Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres, and Jehan Sadat.
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Filming Israel’s 60 Years of Statehood
Israel is turning 60, and that means that there will be a lot to film and document around the country. The occasion of Israel’s 60th birthday makes it an interesting time to come and film in Israel and delve into all sorts of areas of Israeli society.
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Production Services in Israel
After many years of providing production services in Israel for international crews and TV networks filming in Israel, there is one guiding principle that stands above everything else for us at Biblical Productions
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production services Christmas
When people around the world will celebrate Christmas in the next days, the eyes of the world will once again turn to the Holy Land and to Jerusalem and Bethlehem in particular.
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Filming The Bloody Olympics – Munich 1972
Biblical Productions is involved in both historic and modern day films and documentaries. Using Israeli film locations, as well as footage from abroad and dramatic re-enactments, these films all bring history back to life and serve an important educational function.
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Filming The Old City’s Gates in Jerusalem
Jerusalem is considered a holy city by Jews, Christians, and Moslems from all over the world. It has some of the trappings of an ordinary modern city, but Jerusalem’s heart and true uniqueness lies inside its Old City’s walls
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Filming Herod the Great in Israel
The Monster and the Myth Herod’s story took place in the turbulent era just before the birth of Jesus. For centuries, Judea has been under the domain of the Egyptians, and the Greeks
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Filming Stalin’s Last Purge
Fader a jurnalist and the Chief Editor of Israel’s leading news site, wrote this article about the film, “Stalin’s Last Purge.” The film was directed by Alan Rosenthal.
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The History of Jerusalem timeline
The History of Jerusalem timeline
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Filming Biblical Re-enactments in Israel
Biblical Productions have a broad experience in the TV and film industry. We work across many genres and are adept at catering for a wide range of production needs.
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short term rentals services
Biblical Production also gives short term rentals services for international productions in the Middle East. We have beautiful apartments in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for your crew and staff who arrive the country for work or vacation.
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Production Services Bethlehem
Biblical Productions, the leading production services company in Israel, offers Production Services in Bethlehem
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Production Company in Israel – Production company Israel
Biblical Production – your production company Israel - comprehensive film production Services including film Permits, professional filming crews and equipment. Production company in Israel made easy.
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Pre production in Israel
If you're about to film in Israel, Biblical Productions can be your local pre production in Israel. With our many years of experience, expertise and flexibility, Biblical Productions is your ideal production partner in the Middle East
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Producers in Israel – What We Can Do for You
If you're in a search for producers in Israel, Biblical Productions can be your local producer in Israel. With our many years of experience, expertise and flexibility, Biblical Productions is your ideal production partner in the Middle East
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Production Services in Egypt
Biblical Productions is always striving for excellence and it is our goal to continuously advance and expand our production services. Thus we are thrilled to announce that we are now also offering production services in Egypt in addition to our long standing production services in Israel and our recently added production services in Jordan.
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Production In Israel
Biblical Productions has successfully provided production services in Israel for international film crews and leading TV networks from around the globe
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Production Services in Jordan
After many years of developing our film production services in Israel, Biblical Productions is now happy to offer our clients Production Services in Jordan.
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