Restaurants in Israel – for filming crews

Our all time favorite, the delicious Chakra restaurant, has moved to a new location. Chakra is now situated on King George Street just underneath the Coffee Joe. The Chakra offers a sensational, creative cuisine, fresh ingredients and a wonderful selection of dishes.

We have picked up some of our favorite places, hoping that you will
enjoy the experience:
(At the end we add restaurants in Galilee, Tiberius, Nazareth and Haifa)


1868 Café – Chef restaurant
34 Derech Bethlehem
Tel: 02-6725366

1868 is a new elegant dairy restaurant that is expensive but worthwhile. Some menu highlights are homemade pasta, delectable cakes, and interesting beverages. Overall the dishes are made from the most splendid ingredients making this carefully tended to restaurant a pleasant dining experience, especially recommended for lunch.

Adom, accessible from Rivlin Street

Nahalat Shivah neighborhood
Tel: 02- 624-6242

Beautifully decorated old building renovated into a restaurant. Here is a lovely restaurant with a special ambiance for an enjoyable evening dinner. The food is more than average. All depends on how the chef feels in the evening you are there. Usually the food is very tasty and creative: steaks, salads, sea food and nice desserts. Adom is definitely on my list for a night out in Jerusalem. 30$

American Colony Hotel restaurant
Sheikh Jarrah
East Jerusalem
Tel: ¨02-628-5171

Even if you do not sleep there, jump in to look around and have a drink in the most beautiful garden restaurant in Jerusalem.

Aroma Cafe
8 Hillel Street
Tel: 02-625-5365

Need a take-a-way in the middle of a shoot, and do not want to waste time, then Aroma is the place for you. The Aroma cafe prides itself on its own brand of coffee and sandwiches, salads and sandwiches prepared on homemade bread. The workers are quick and efficient; more importantly, this cafe is clean and not expensive. My suggestion is that when the crew is tired; get some ice-a-Aromas for everybody. It always works. 10$

Austrian Hospice
Via Dolorosa 37
Old City
Tel: 02-627-1463

If you are shooting in the Old City, a must place to take a break is the Austrian Hospice. Situated at the 1st turnoff from the Via Dolorosa, turn in to the Austrian Hospice. It’s a beautiful building, and they have a small cafeteria and a garden. For lunch they only have coffee, beer, wines, sandwiches and soup of the day; the Austrian pastry is great! If you wish to sleep, it’s really basic: a cheap, clean room. No TV. Get the room with the balcony. The Austrian Hospice is a real unique experience – a pearl in the Old City. 10-15$

Beitza Ayin
33 King George St.
Tel: 02-622-2744

This small café situated in the center of Jerusalem is a great place to have breakfast, offering an array of dishes including omelets, fresh breads, and pancakes. We recommend the restaurant for its varied breakfast menu, inexpensive prices, and cleanliness, however there is no parking.

6 Dorot Rishonim St.
Tel: 02-624-9733
Fax: 02-671-8804

Open 24 hours a day, Bolinat is a good option amongst Jerusalem’s many cafes. They serve sandwiches, shakes, pancakes, salads, and BLT with friendly service. The restaurant is located in a nice small street in the center of Jerusalem and opposite the café there is a second hand book shop that is worth visiting. Because there are not a lot of places that are open 24 hours in the city, Bolinat fills a much needed niche.

Jerusalem Cinematheque building
11 Hebron Road (P.O. Box 8561)

The Cacao restaurant is located in the Jerusalem Cinematheque movie theatre building. Every year, the Cinematheque holds the Jerusalem film festival. The view from the terrace outside the restaurant is amazing, but the food is average: pasta, ficacha, and salads. The only problem is the parking. You have to walk down many steps to the Cinematheque building that is in a valley below and park in the street above. Take this into consideration. Cacao is also a good place to eat dinner. 20$

Address: 1 Ben Sira Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-624-2945

In a small alleyway in the center of Jerusalem you will find the city’s best restaurant. After its ten years of existence, this exclusive eatery is still number one. The French bistro serves gourmet food made from local ingredients, in the beautiful warm atmosphere of its charming locale. There are fish, meat and pasta dishes, and wonderful entrees. The impressive wine list and attentive service make this a great place to go if you are looking to really treat yourself.
Expensive – $40-50 per person, business lunch available.

18 Shlomtzion
Tel: 02-625-2733

The Chakra Bar & Restaurant is famous for its creative cuisine and bar selection. A nostalgic crystal chandelier dominates the space. The following dishes are house specialties: barbecued Shish Kebab, Fettuccini Alfredo and selection of shellfish choices, including calamari, shrimp and mussels. Chakra gets very busy from 11 pm. 25$

Chavatzelet Bistro Bar
Open 7 days a week from 19:00 to the last customer
Address: 9 Chavatzelet St.
Tel: 1-800-257-257
Fax: 02-623-2330

Chavatzelet is a large bistro bar in the center of town named after the street it is located on. It recently opened its doors and offers a selection of quality meat and fish dishes. Chavatzelet is only open for dinner.

Coffee Mill
Emek Refaim 23
Tel: 02-5661665

In the heart of the German Colony section of Jerusalem there is a little coffee shop for which I have special affection. Besides a great choice of coffees and teas, the Coffee Mill serves cake and sandwiches. It is very cozy.The only thing missing is the parking. So if you are in the German Colony anyway and are in the mood for a fulfilling cup of coffee or tea, this is the place to go.

61 Herzog
Tel: 02-6480970

Erez Komarovsky is Israel’s “Mr. Bakery” having single-handedly changed the concept and consumption of bread in Israel with his chain of bakery-cafés across the country. Erez serves all kinds all breads, cheeses and salads made with local herbs and ingredients. I particularly appreciate the
the fact that he uses organic, whole wheat flour in many of his breads and cakes. Last year Erez opened his first bakery-café in Jerusalem. The interior design is delightful and since the café is not located in the center of town, parking is relatively easy. An excellent place for breakfast or lunch. $15.

Ewo Meat Burger
Hillel Street
Tel: 02-6222513

Since the Ewo Meat Burger opened in 2004 on Hillel Street in downtown Jerusalem, it has been the best hamburger around. Its hamburger is certainly the tastiest. Ewo Meat Burger is open from 10:30 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.
Ewo delivers all over town.

Rav Akiva 4
Tel: 02-6256428
Tel: 02-6242273

Located in a beautiful old Jerusalem house in the heart of city, Focaccia is an ideal meeting place for visitors and local residents alike. The restaurant specializes in Focaccia – a flat-shaped Italian bread with delicious combinations of toppings – and also serves meat dishes, pasta, seafood and salads. We recommend Focaccia for its tasty food, lively atmosphere and reasonable prices. A good choice for lunch or dinner. Price: $15-25.

Fountain Coffee Shop
Suq Efthemios Dabbagha No. 62
Tel: 02-6282191

Film crews regularly make their way to shoot at the famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher, located in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. If you are looking to grab a meal in this area the Fountain Coffee Shop is a good choice. They serve an ample selection of authentic Arabic salads in clean surroundings. You should be forewarned that there are a lot of tourist traps in this area so be careful.

Café Rechavia
17 Aza St.
Tel: 02-563-2898

Situated in the heart of the Rechavia, one of Jerusalem’s most pleasant neighborhoods, is Café Rechavia, the foremost local coffee shop. Serving light meals, such as salads and sandwiches, this café caters mostly to locals and members of the press. It’s a nice place to take a break during the day.

Lev Smadar Theatre Café
4 Lloyd George St.
Tel: 02-566-0954

On a side street in the German Colony, in a structure built in 1928, sits one of Jerusalem’s oldest cinemas. One could say that it’s the “Cinema Paradiso” of Jerusalem, specializing in independent and world films. Adjacent to the theatre is a café where you can stop by for a coffee or a beer and mix with local film students. The café fills up on Friday afternoons. Price 10-15$ per person

Aqabt El- Khanqa (42)
Christian Quarter, Old City
Tel: 02 627-7230

They say that finding the best hummus is not an easy task. Also not all hummus experts agree on what they would regard as the best hummus restaurant in Jerusalem. One place I recommend in the Old City is Lina, a very simple restaurant that serves only hummus. If you really want to feel the oriental experience, this is one of the best places to eat this delicious dish. 10$

Link Café Bar
3 Hamaalot
Tel: 02-625-3446

The Link restaurant in the center of town is a nice choice for crews for their lunch. The food is quite good, but not amazing. The Link is in an old house refurbished into a restaurant with a garden. There is a nice atmosphere and there is parking next to the restaurant. On Friday afternoon, it’s a meeting place for people working in media before the weekend. You have a selection of meat, and fish, and all kinds of Mediterranean dishes. The Link is a great restaurant in which to relax in the middle of a shooting day. 20$

French Pastries & Goodies
22 Keren Kayement
Rechavia neighborhood
Sunday to Thursday
08:00 – 18:00
Friday 0800 – 13:30

It is lucky for us that Meyer, the owner of this little coffee shop, decided to come to Israel from France 9 years ago and opened this neighborhood café. Meyer is an excellent baker who specializes in croissants that were voted the best in Jerusalem. At Meyer you can indulge your taste for fresh cakes, sandwiches, and salads. In short, if you are looking for a sweet experience in Jerusalem, visit Meyer’.

Mizrachi Ha Kol le Ofeh ve gam Kafe Coffee Shop
12 Shazif Street, Mahane Yehuda Market,
Tel: 02-6240528

On a small side street between the tomato and spice stands in Jerusalem’s famous Mahane Yehuda Market you’ll find one of the city’s best kept secrets. Its name Mizrachi ha kol le ofeh ve gam kafe (“everything for the baker and coffee too”) spells originality and indeed this delightful coffee shop combines a gourmet cookware store with café-restaurant that serves delicious food in an exotic environment. The café offers wonderful salads, soups, sandwiches and pastries The prices are reasonable.
The café is open between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm with early closing Friday afternoons and Saturdays.
On Sundays the café hosts a jazz evening between 7 pm and 12 pm with a different chef every week.

12 Shmuel Hanagid
Tel: 02-622-2283

Mona, in the middle of town, is a place to wine and dine. The chef is creative with meat, seafood and salads. Mona is in a building that used to be the art school of Jerusalem. The bar is usually busy. Enjoyable! 30$

Emek Refaim Street 36
German Colony
Tel: 02-561-1102

This restaurant is located in the German colony, which is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Jerusalem. I recommend that you to take a short walk in the little street connected to the main road, Emek Refaim. Go to the Olive for lunch (I do not like it in the evening). They have a good business lunch, specializing in meat dishes, but Olive also has vegetarian dishes as well. Nice atmosphere. Park on one of the side streets. 20$

Papa Andreas
P.O.B. 14560
Christian Quarter, Old City

Oriental food in the Old City.
I know that it’s a touristy place, but the big thing is that at Papa Andreas you eat on a roof with a great view of the Old City. The atmosphere is eastern and the oriental food that is served matches the atmosphere, making the whole experience definitely worthwhile. The ringing of the church bells doesn’t hurt either.15-20$

Paradiso Cafe Restaurant

Keren Ha-Yessod, 36
Tel: 02-5634805

It is for good reasons that this high quality cafe and restaurant has been open for 10 years in a very competitive business. The owner has good taste in furnishings and food from pasta, meat , and salads to very good pastries.
Jerusalem is a very quiet town on Saturday and many places are closed. The Paradise Cafe Restaurant is a pleasant place to visit for coffee, a full meal or late
breakfast. Prices are higher than average but worth it. A full meal costs about $20. Please notice opening hour opens:
Monday-Thursday 12:00-01:00
Friday 10:00-01:00
Saturday 12:00-01:00 at night
Sunday closed

Rama’s Kitchen:
Nataf village near Jerusalem
Tel: 02 570-0954

Rama’s Kitchen restaurant is a 30 minute drive from Jerusalem in the direction of Tel Aviv. If you want to celebrate something special, this is the place to go. Rama’s Kitchen offers great cooking with a mix of Mediterranean and local herbs. Located in the mountains, the view is the best you can hope to find when the sun goes down. 40$

Rehov Yaffo 31
(in the Feingold Court),
Tel: 02-6235464

Offering traditional Japanese food, such as: miso soup, generous portions of sushi, teppanyaki, tempura, sukiyaki and teriyaki-style dishes and suba, the Sokura restaurant has become a well-deserved favorite of Jerusalemites. The restaurant is very clean, and intimate. The owner-cook Boaz Tsairi lived in Japan for many years where he was a susi master in Tokyo. What I like about this restaurant is that its menu is consistent. You will always get a very good meal that stays simple unlike many Japanese restaurants that constantly invent unusual dishes in the hopes of attracting new customers, regardless of the quality of the dishes.
Open daily from 1000- 24:30
Take-away service

Schleifer Bar-Restaurant
127 Jaffa Rd.
Tel/Fax: 02-625-1969

This restaurant, concealed from the sight of the casual passerby, is situated in an old Jerusalem building, built in the 19th century. Schleifer is not your run in the mill restaurant due to its charming architecture with ancient stone walls and arches, candle lit ambiance, and live jazz music on Sundays and Wednesdays. The restaurant describes their cuisine as a combination of French and South American flavors with a Mediterranean touch. They serve meat dishes and interesting appetizers but the food is only average. With great service, overall it is worth a visit.

Hill St. 35
Tel: 02-6235547
Delivery: 02-6235547

In the center of Jerusalem, next to the foreign journalists’ office building there is a very good pasta restaurant that specializes in many types of pasta dishes. The restaurant has a nice design and there is an interesting crowd. I recommend this restaurant for lunch and dinner. You’ll get value for money.

Sweet’n Karem

Tel: 077-200-6660, Cell:0522-666-987
Address: 2 Mevo Hashaar Street

After filming in Ein Karem, Sweet’n Karem is a wonderful place to stop in and buy something sweet for the crew. This small shop has delicious homemade ice cream and chocolate as well as excellent cakes.

12 Emile Botta
Tel: 02-625-1967

Te’enim in an old house in the center of town is the best vegetarian restaurant in Jerusalem. If you are into vegetarian or organic food, then this is the place for you. They have a dish of the day and many other very tasty choices. 20$

Tmol Shilshom Book Store Café
Address – 5 Salomon St.
Tel: 02-623-2758

Once in a while we like to visit Tmol Shilshom for a welcome step back in time. Situated in the center of town, yet hidden from the bustle of the main roads, this restaurant/bookstore offers distinctive surroundings for a light dairy meal. Tmol Shilshom offers a menu of salads, sandwiches, and pastas, however we recommend the place not for the food but for its unique serene Jerusalemite character. Inspired by bookstore cafes around the world, they also offer the occasional poetry reading and guest authors. We advise that you call first for directions. 15$ per person

Mahane Yehuda
Tel: 02-6234916

Tschako is an authentic eatery located in the heart of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market. The restaurant is owned by Ali Mizrahi, one of the first pioneers who grasped the potential of developing Jerusalem’s colorful market as a new gastronomic center. Tschako offers a great meat menu with a Mediterranean flavor and makes full use of the fresh products available in the market. The bar is full at night and serves tapas on Friday afternoons. The restaurant is kosher and closed during the Sabbath. A good choice for lunch or dinner.
Best to make reservations. 25$-35$

Address: 5 Ibn Shaprut St.
Tel: 02-566-5755
Fax: 02-566-0396

Velka, a newly opened Jerusalem café, adds some distinctive charm to the local café scene. Around a ten minute walk from the center of town, the Velka café is meticulously designed and managed by Lisa, a U.S. native. Lisa’s attention to detail makes a lasting impression. Velka serves vegetarian food such as salads, sandwiches and cakes, and is a nice choice for breakfast or lunch.

15 Yoel Solomon St.
Tel: 02-625-7776
Open from 10:00-03:00
$15-30 per person

Zuni, a new restaurant located in the center of town, is good news for the city. Set in tasteful surroundings, we recommend Zuni’s for breakfast or brunch, serving such dishes as French toast, omelets, and granola. For lunch and dinner they serve pasta, meat, and sandwiches. Tuesdays is free wine night, when you can enjoy a free glass of wine with your dinner.


Like most of the food capitals in the world, Tel Aviv has lots of options for dining and drinking. It is difficult to recommend a restaurant in Tel Aviv because there are so many fine eating establishments. We listed the restaurants according to their location. (P.P = per person.) There are areas of the city where you can find restaurants and bars that will agree with your palate and budget. Here are some of our favorites:

Arbaha Street (next to Tel Aviv Cinematheque)
All prices per person

Metuka – self-service coffee house, 10$
Arbaha 2
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-561-1511

Unami – Japanese, 25-30$
Arbaha 18
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-562-1172

Kizinki – sea food, cheap and good, 15$
Arbaha 6
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-562-0630

Tapos – a nice tapas bar, 25-30$
Arbaha 16
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-561-0630

Odion – steak house, 25$
Arbaha 4
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-562-8868

The Old Port (North Tel Aviv)

The port in North Tel Aviv has been renovated during the last few years. There is parking when you enter the port. Here are some of our choices:

Yamma – coffee restaurant, international kitchen, nice breakfast, 20$
Yurdi Tzika 1
Tel Aviv Port
Tel: 03-546-9093

Gillies – excellent meat restaurant, the best in Tel Aviv, 40$
Hangar 25
Tel Aviv Port
Tel: 03-605-7777

Shalvata – trendy place. The food is less than average, but it’s a nice place to drink on the beach.
Sfach Araham
Tel Aviv Port
Tel: 03-546-1140

Speedo – beach bar, cheap meat and seafood restaurant; excellent bar, 25-30$

Hangar 6
Tel Aviv Port
Tel: 03-546-1140

Boya – breakfast, meat, and seafood; beautiful restaurant; average, 25$
Ataruch 3
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-544-6166

Galina Bistro – restaurant/bar. Mediterranean food, including nice breakfast; All day and night place, 25-30$
Mivne 19
Tel Aviv Port
Tel: 03- 544-5553

Neve Tsedek in the south of Tel Aviv.

This neighborhood is very fashionable and attracts artists. The main street is Shabzi. Neve Tsedek used to be a slum, but has turned into an expensive part of town with shops and restaurant.

Tsador Italian coffee house

Levintini Bar – Mediterranean food in an old house, 20-30$
Hechad Haam Street 3
Neve Zedek
Tel: 03-517-1745

Suzanna Restaurant – coffee shop, restaurant, Mediterranean food; 22-35$
9 Shabazi Street
Neve Tzedek,
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-517-7580

More restaurants around town:

Carmela Ba Nachla, Mediterranean, great breakfasts. All day, 30$
Ha Tavor 46
on the corner of Rambam
Tel: 03 529-8764

Stefan Brown – Dinner & Bar; Meat, 30$
Alambi 99
Tel: 03-560-4725

Mantaray – on the beach fish restaurant, 30$
Hacof Hamaravi
Tel: 03-517-4773

Refal – French bistro (one of the best for Business lunch), 30$
Tel: 03-522-6464

Noa Bistro – for authentic Mediterranean food, if you are in Jaffo market, 20$
Hazorfim 14
Tel: 03-518-4668

Libra – coffee and light lunch and dinner, 15$
Ben Yauda 120
Tel: 03-529-8764

The Rothschild
82 Rothschild Boulevard
Tel Aviv

Brothers Gill and Doron Nissim run this busy outdoor sandwich bar offering hot and cold sandwiches, cakes, coffee and orange juice. The hot roast beef sandwiches are highly recommended. A great place if you want to get a good view of Rothschild Boulevard. You will feel you are sitting at the center of Tel Aviv life.

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