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Our location guide Israel can be used to find the most suitable locations for your next production in Israel. Modern cities, ancient locations, the Dead Sea, deserts, mountains, colorful markets, religion, Judaism, Palestinians, Jesus, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, The Wailing Wall, The Dome of the Rock, biblical landscapes, Genesis, the Bible, coastal plane, Tel Aviv, Crusaders, conflict, army – all of these words have one thing in common: they can all be found in actual locations in Israel. Our location guide can be your main source for information from our region. E-mail us your shot list and we can suggest locations using our vast experience and knowledge of the region. Whether it is for a commercial, documentary, or feature film Biblical Productions is your address for the most effective suggestions from Israel. Our location guide provides examples of places, but you can also send us a list and we will match the places we think are best suited for your production. We are constantly updating our location guide for Israel and every time we discover a new location we put it in our files – we will be glad to share our knowledge with you.

Israel is a country with great opportunities for filming because of its beautiful diverse scenery, conveniently small size, richly complex history, and professional crews on the highest international level. When you are looking into options for your next production whether it is a feature film, documentary or commercial, Israel has an abundance to offer. Biblical landscapes, coastal plane, colorful markets, Christianity, Crusades, Dead Sea, Mea She’arim, Dome of the Rock, Eilat, Galilee, Religion, Haifa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Negev, Via Dolorosa, Tel Aviv, The Garden Tomb, Jordan River, Judaism – what all of these words have in common is that there is a corresponding location in Israel. Simply click on the locations that interest you to read more.

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