Filming in Israel – Experts & Interviews

Including a contributor in your documentary who is professional, knowledgeable and charismatic is an essential part of a successful film production in Israel. Producer Sharon Schaveet, owner of Biblical Productions, has worked with many teams over the years and understands the importance of having a contributor on board who audiences can relate to and enjoy listening to.

Filming in Israel – Experts & Interviews

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Filming with Avner Goren

As a popular destination for film crews from around the world, Israel is famous for a vast number of experts on every kind of academic topic imaginable; archaeology, bible studies, history, politics or medical experts speaking about hygiene and diseases in the first centuries.

Biblical Productions is in contact with a large number of experts from Israel and overseas, constantly searching for fresh faces and fresh scientific evidence for your next project in Israel. We have recently worked with distinguished experts such as Prof. Gabriel Barkay, Prof. Jodi Magness, Prof. Shalom Paul, or Israel Finkelstein; who are just some of the terrific scholars who contributed tremendously to the success of previous projects.

We understand that each project needs to be handled individually and the right contributor needs to be engaged to deliver the right message. We can work with you to find experts from all over the world for your next project and we can liaise with them concerning the script and research questions until the actual day of shooting.
Biblical Productions, your one stop production company in Israel, can help you find excellent show hosts and contributors alongside all the other production arrangements. If you need an expert on first century hygiene who speaks fluent English and looks good on camera – we will make sure to find the right candidate. For more information on experts and all other production inquiries, please contact Sharon Schaveet at +972 (0)52 479 2200 or email us at

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