Director Editor in Israel

Since 1986, Nissim Mossek has been the Director/Editor for Biblical Productions.
During his long and extremely fruitful career, Nissim directed and/or produced the many documentaries listed below:

Have you Heard about the Panther?
Who is Mordechai Vanunu?
Adolph Eichmann: the Secret Memoirs
Two-hour special: 50 Years to Israel
Neighbors or Foes
Life in the Moslem-Jewish streets of East Jerusalem
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Documentary on the mysteries surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls, created for the Israel Antiquities Authority and presented at a special exhibition at the Vatican. (30 min.)
Mona Lisa of the Galilee
Menachem Begin to Conquer the Mountain or Die

Nissim has received the following awards and scrolls for his work as Director/Editor:
Institute of Culture and Art for Films – “Did You Hear of the Black Panthers, Mr. Moshe?”
Institute for Encouraging Israeli Film, “What a Crazy Motherland,” Apple Award.
New York – “The Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”
Stockholm Film Festival, “To Conquer the Mountain or Die – The Life of Menachem Begin.”
Haifa Film Festival, “Have you Heard about the Panther?” – Best Director Award
“Shalom Abu Bassem?” Best editor Award

Nissim Mossek, known in Israel as a Director/Editor with a social conscience, won the Landau Award as the Best Director of 2004 for documentary film. As a Director/Editor Nissim continues exploring controversial subjects.

Director Editor in Israel

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