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Here at Biblical Productions we enjoy assisting organizations and individuals that are helping Israeli society. So when we were approached by a business consultant about possibly producing a short film for Saba Jack, we were more than happy to assist. Saba Jack is an Integrative Therapeutic Center on the outskirts of Jerusalem that offers therapeutic horseback riding, youth programs, animal-assisted therapy and couple and family therapy. The farm offers special programs for children and youth who cope with physical, behavioral and emotional difficulties. The farm emphasizes the approach of giving subsidized therapy to children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds, which otherwise would not have access to such wonderful facilities. Producer Sharon Schaveet gathered a group of dedicated and talented individuals around her who helped with the shooting, editing and post-production. The result is a heart-warming and gorgeous short film about a truly special organization:
Sharon Schaveet and Nissim Mossek are excited and grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such a beautiful project. This short film, produced by Sharon Schaveet, will be used for fundraising and as an introduction to the work of Saba Jack in the future. We invite you to visit the website and read more about this important work and contribution to our society:

Biblical Productions is constantly striving to assist organizations and individuals working for the betterment of the Israeli and world community. Two years ago we were honored to be approached by a woman named Shelly Kapusta, who was recovering from leukemia at the time. Shelly asked us to produce a film advocating her worthwhile cause – building a much-needed blood bank in Israel. We responded with great enthusiasm and immediately began working, along with a wonderful group of talented professionals who were willing to donate their time and skills to make the film. We are delighted to announce that the film is currently being displayed to potential donors throughout the world. Shelly, being the strong and amazing woman she is, has since established a foundation named Israel Cord Blood Bank (ICCB), which has received contributions of over $100,000. Please visit ICBB’s website to watch the film and learn more about the foundation.

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