Filming Museums in Israel

Filming in the Museum of Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem

Bible Lands Museum is truly unique. Very rarely does one man’s dream leave such a lasting legacy.

Dr. Elie Borowski had a passion for biblical history. It was his personal knowledge, drive and determination that resulted in the establishment of Bible Lands Museum, which has gained worldwide recognition since its inauguration in 1992. The museum is based around Dr Borowski’s personal collection of artifacts

His dream was to create a museum that ignited understanding and appreciation of Biblical history and the history of the Ancient Near East. It is the only museum of its kind with this specialism and spans the earliest days of civilization through to the early Christian era in the Lands of the Bible.

In the shadow of the Holocaust, his initial concept became a passion and his desire was to develop a way to encourage future generations to understand the morals and ethics of the Bible.

Dr Borowski, who died in 2003, built a legacy that not only met his initial concept and ideals, but by far surpassed them.

“The future of mankind has its roots in the past,
only through understanding our history we can build a better future.”
(Dr. Elie Borowski)

What’s There?

The museum is designed to transport you back in time and give you a glimpse into the spiritual and physical world of the Christian and Jewish Bibles.

The items displayed bring the history book and Bible to life; there in front of your eyes are the objects made, used and valued by ancient civilizations; objects from everyday life, those used for religious rituals, those which demonstrate the origins and development of communication and society.

The exhibition rooms contain artifacts from different cultures that are displayed chronologically, according to the period they originate from. Biblical quotations are strategically placed throughout the gallery, complementing the displays and putting them in a Biblical context and time frame.

The museum arranges guided tours which trace the development of religious beliefs, worship, trade, commerce and communication from the beginning of urbanization through the Talmudic period. They also hold both Bible and art themed tours as well as seasonal programs focusing on Jewish holidays.

What Would Interest Film Makers?

The artifacts in this museum would make wonderful visual pieces within historical and biblical documentaries. The experts within the museum would enhance any production, adding background information and credible commentary to artifacts that would enhance and breathe life into your film production in Israel.

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