Filming Museums in Israel

Filming in Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv is known to be the cultural capital of Israel. It contains many museums and galleries which are popular among both Israelis and tourists alike.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art was opened before the birth of the State of Israel, way back in 1932. Its main focus is on Israeli and Jewish art but is also has a respectable European collection. It is the biggest art museum in Israel, housing a diverse range of work from world renowned artists spanning from the 16th through to the 20th century.

This well-loved museum, jam packed with artistic treasures to delight and inspire any viewer, attracts half a million visitors each year.

What’s There?

The place has a real artistic buzz about it, not only housing an array of stimulating collections but also acting as a busy cultural centre; hosting a variety of musical events, lectures, performance arts and children’s activities. The complex also contains a cinema, which showcases foreign films, a photography exhibition and stimulating design and architectural departments. The sculpture garden is a magnificent place to wander through and admire a range of classic and contemporary sculptures, all set off to perfection in this bright, open exhibition area.

What Would Interest Film Makers?

They say that art is a reflection of society and as this museum specializes in Jewish and Israeli art, it is surely something that indicates the thoughts, dreams and reality of the Jewish people.

The museum provides a range of story ideas and filming resources for those looking for inspiring subjects when filming in Israel. It displays a rich collection of classic and contemporary art from both Israel and abroad. The range of art on offer is very eclectic and there really is something for everyone here; young and old, expert and novice.

The museum could be used as a resource for documentaries; illustrating the work of specific artists, discussing different genres or looking into the popularity of different styles and subjects during certain periods.

The museum employs a range of knowledgeable specialists who could be called in as experts on your production. The museum complex itself could also be used as an interesting setting in its own right.

Permanent Collections

Art Movements Represented at the Gallery:

• Fauvism
• German Expressionism
• Cubism
• Futurism
• Russian Constructivism
• De Stijl
• Surrealism
• Impressionists
• Post Impressionists
• Abstract

Most Famous Artists:

• Pablo Picasso
• Vincent Van Gogh
• Claude Monet
• Camille Pissarro
• Pierre Auguste Renior
• Paul Cézanne
• Alfred Sisley
• Henri Edmond Cross
• Pierre Bonnard
• Henri Matisse
• Amedeo Modigliani
• Marc Chagall
• Gustav Klimt
• Wassily Kandinsky
• Jackson Pollock

Temporary Collections

Exhibitions by individual artists or group shows designed around a common theme are also displayed as temporary collections. These often showcase innovative and sometimes challenging Israeli art and are very popular with visitors.

This small but comprehensive museum has a range of art that could be incorporated into a variety of interesting documentaries filmed in Israel.

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