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Fixer IsraelTop Tips for Filming the History of Israel

Many production teams are interested in capturing the history of Israel on film.

At Biblical Productions we have assisted many crews with their documentaries and biographies based on the ancient and modern history.

Here are some of our ideas for your production on the history of Israel.

1. Museums in Israel

Did you know that Israel has over 200 museums, giving it the highest number of museums per capita in the world? Whatever the topic of your production, museums are an excellent resource for research, expert opinion and visual stimuli.

Israel has many museums that focus on the history of Israel; some specialize in a particular period, perhaps ancient, Biblical or modern); others revolve around a set subject, for example archaeology or science.

Whatever the topic of your documentary, we at Biblical Productions can use our existing links with staff at museums throughout Israel. We can to signpost you to the best material and most knowledgeable experts.

2. Experts in Israel

All documentaries benefit from having expert opinions from historians, archaeologists, religious scholars and more. At Biblical productions we can help you to build your story on the history of Israel using the voices or presentations of people who were involved in historic events, witnessed them or are experts on the topic.

3. Locations in Israel

Throughout Israel there are preserved ancient and holy sites as well as more modern day buildings that have been restored or opened up to the public. What better way to tell your story on the history of Israel than to film on location?

4. Israel History Archives

Finally, Biblical Productions may even be able to save you the time and cost of coming to film in Israel. Our extensive film and photographic stills archives include all the places you would likely wish to visit. We can discuss the extensive range of footage we have, which includes location shots (both interior and exterior), scenic shots and interviews. Provide us with your ‘wish list’ of locations and we can let you know all those we already have covered. Our footage is of fantastic quality, filmed at optimum angles and really capturing each location at its best.

Filming the history of Israel with Biblical Productions by your side, gives you maximum choice and flexibility for filming.

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