Filming In Israel

Film locations in Jerusalem we love!

Jerusalem is one of the most unique cities in the world.

It is a place where spirituality, history and beauty meets. It’s a city of treasures and a source of endless film locations.
For us, Jerusalem is one big film set. We are always looking to find a secret location to bring to our international crews from all all over the world.
We are in a continuous search to find that special alley, roof, monastery, or view point to see the beauty of the city.
As a photographer and producer the combination of beauty, colours and film locations is very exciting and I often walk around Jerusalem to get inspiration to my locations guide information.

Last week we scouted with the Italian channel RAI UNO to find locations to film the high rating show “The pleasure of Discovery” with Mr Alberto Angelo.
The talented director was looking for epic shots of Jerusalem and for more intimate shots for his host to be filmed in. For a week we took the Italian crew to all our secret places.
We find the scouting days to be very interesting, you have the time to look at locations and you can really focus and be creative.
We check the location from top to bottom and every stone is turned.

One of our favourite tasks is to get a script and to match it to locations.
We are always thankful for the challenge and we are ready to explore and to bring our client very original locations and ideas.

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