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Production Services Christmas in Bethlehem
In the past we shot the preparations surrounding the official Christmas ceremonies in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Here is a description of the festive events and their significance in Christian tradition.
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Filming the Parables of Jesus in Israel
To view our location suggestions for Filming the Parables of Jesus in Israel, please click on the following links: Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabgha
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a new Archaeological Excavation from Byzantine Period
Biblical Productions are the number one experts at filming archeology sites in Israel. With years of experience and many satisfied clients around the world, we are your first choice for production services in Israel.
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Filming in Israel, Jordan and Egypt
Biblical Productions are Israel’s number one film production company and as well as being experts on filming in Israel, we also work across our borders, in Jordan and Egypt.
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Filming at Church of Nativity
Biblical Productions has great experience of bringing crews to Bethlehem and filming the Church of Nativity.
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Filming The Real Rose of Jericho
Whilst scouting Jericho we stumbled upon an amazing flower. Keen to find out more about it, we located the man who grows them. His name is Oded Hamm
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The Land of Jesus Filming in the Holy Land
Biblical Productions is the leading provider of production services in Israel. With decades of experience, our knowledge and expertise are unmatched. We will thoroughly prepare for all your production needs.
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Filming Jesus Boat
In the winter of 1986, a drought brought the Sea of Galilee to its lowest level in memory, which proved a boom for archeologists.
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Filming the Search for the Cross
Today, thousands of pilgrims commemorate Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. According to the Scriptures, when Jesus entered the city, He already knew the fate that would befall Him and told His disciples that He was to die on the Cross.
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Filming in the Via Dolorosa
The "Via Dolorosa”, literally "The Path of Sorrow” is also known as the "Way of the Cross” where Jesus Christ, condemned to death, made His way, carrying the heavy cross on which He was to be crucified.
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Filming Easter Week in Jerusalem
Here is the Easter Story. If you wish to film in any of the places connected with the Easter Story and Easter celebrations, we can arrange all the necessary permits for you. It is advisable to arrange filming two weeks beforehand
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Filming in the Holy Land
A series of short segments of 60 seconds each will walk the viewer through the life and times of Jesus, from the annunciation of his birth in Nazareth to his crucifixion and resurrection in Jerusalem.
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