Filming In Israel

Film locations in Jerusalem we love!
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Working with Morgan freeman – production services in Israel
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Filming in Israel: Beaches
Israel has two coastlines; the west has the Mediterranean and the south has the Red Sea. Israel also has shorelines around two lakes that, confusingly, are named as seas; the Sea of Galilee and The Dead Sea
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VIP Film Production Services in Israel
Biblical Productions offers comprehensive Production Services in Israel for productions involving high profile clients. We can arrange filming for VIPs in Israel as well as cater to their unique needs. With years of experience working with film crew in Israel and also VIPs,
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Filming Biblical Short Segments in Israel
When filming biblical dramas or documentaries you need to have knowledge of all the holy places scattered around Israel. Biblical Productions, ever eager to provide you with the insider knowledge you need, has compiled a list of holy sites and biblical locations which can be used when filming in Israel.
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Where to Film in Jerusalem
As film crews, we are always looking for that one ultimate shot of Jerusalem; to capture that definitive breathtaking image for our films. Well, look no further. We have compiled a list of locations across the city where you can find the best panoramic shots.
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German Emperor Wilhelm II Visit to Jerusalem
In the 19th century the number of pilgrims, tourists and researchers visiting the Holy Land increased significantly.
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Filming in Israel
We at Biblical Productions have researched many subjects for our films and have extensive knowledge of our region
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Filming in Acre (Akko)
Acre, a fascinating Mediterranean city with a rich history, is a worthwhile place to consider filming a documentary or a feature film
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Filming in Israel The Original Biblical Palm Trees
If you can’t see them on the list above, that’s because they are not listed in their own right but the honey mentioned is believed by biblical scholars to be date honey.
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Ancient Diseases The Dramatic Themes for a New Documentary
In the previous article, ‘Ancient Diseases – An Anthropological Perspective’, we looked at the interesting work carried out by anthropologists and paleopathologists.
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Filming An Anthropological Perspective Ancient Diseases
From time to time we hear about the discovery of a mummified body or a pile of bones. This is met with great fanfare and excitement, as the remnants of the past can usually provide us with a wealth of information about life in ancient civilizations.
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Filming Kabbalah in Isreal
Kabbalah is the Jewish esoteric tradition dating back from the end of the Second Temple Period, (beginning of Christianity), among the Jews of Palestine and Egypt, and reaching its peak during the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe and North Africa.
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Chernobyl Syndrome in Israel
All experts agree that the Chernobyl disaster that occurred between the 25th and 26th of April 1986 was the biggest nuclear accident in the history of humanity.
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Ancient medicine – an anthropological perspective
Few people know what ‘remains to be seen’ from human skeletal remains uncovered as a result of an archaeological excavation. The recovery of the mummified bodies of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs over one hundred years ago
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Filming Adventure Travel Shows in Israel
Israel is a small country with a diverse terrain. It is famous for its biblical ancestry and as an historical location. However, don’t be too quick to pigeon-hole Israel as a holiday location firmly rooted in the past.
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Filming Israel History
Top Tips for Filming the History of Israel Many production teams are interested in capturing the history of Israel on film.
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