‘The Final Days of Jesus’ by Simon Gibson
Biblical Productions is a leading film production services company in Israel. We work with leading archeologists, always looking for the most up to date research and interesting topics for filming in Israel.
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Filming the Mystery of The Dead Sea Scrolls
Sharon Schaveet, producer and expert on film production in Israel, talks about the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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Biblical Archaeology Coins from the Temple Mount
A new exhibition from the Israel Antiquities Authority is displaying rare, ancient coins uncovered at the foot of the Temple Mount.
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Filming the Hunt for the Treasures of God
One central mystery has haunted the Jews and the rest of the world for 2,000 years. Are the fabled treasures of the Jewish Second Temple still in existence, and if so, where are they?
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Filming the Excavators of Jerusalem
Due to its centrality in the Christian religion, Jerusalem was the first site in the Holy Land to be excavated; the excavators of Jerusalem, past and present, form an anthropomorphic mosaic of characters and an integral part of the city’s history.
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Dr. Vendyl Jones – The Search for Hidden Treasures
Dr. Vendyl Jones of Arlington, Texas is seen by many as the original role model for Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones” from “The Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Filming Warren’s Shaft and Reich’s Discovery
Jerusalem is steeped in History, both above ground and below. Filming in Israel gives us an amazing opportunity to record the location of biblical events, bringing a slice of history to life.
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Filming Mysterious Tunnels Beneath the Old City of Jerusalem
Many tunnels have been discovered in the Old City of Jerusalem, all stemming from the Temple Mount, the site of the King Solomon’s Temple.
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Filming The Madaba Map and Jerusalem
Inside the ancient Cardo in Jerusalem’s Old City, an intricate mosaic is on display. This mosaic, called the Madaba Map, depicts Jerusalem during the Byzantine period, its design dating back to approximately the middle of the sixth century AD
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Filming The Dead Sea Scrolls
The wilderness of Judea, mile after mile of perched rock and barren hillside, was home to Beduin shepherds and a connecting pathway for camel caravans.
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Filming the ancient tunnels of Jerusalem
Under the Old City of Jerusalem lies a labyrinth of tunnels. Built in the biblical era and part and parcel of episodes recorded in ancient biblical texts, they remained undiscovered for centuries.
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South of the Temple Mount
Close to the Western Wall and next to Dung Gate lays the South Wall of the Temple Mount. At the foot of the Southern Wall is the area known as the Ophel.
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Filming The Burnt House
The Burnt House, an interactive archeological museum built around the ruins of a Second Temple residence, provides visitors with a fascinating look at life in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period.
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Filming Zedekiah’s Cave
Zedekiah’s Cave, an ancient cave located next to the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, is surrounded by a fog of intrigue, religious theories, and biblical legends. The history of this 230 meter-long cave is complex and highly disputed.
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We have all heard of Armageddon which is associated with the end of the world and the last great battle between Christ and Satan. According to Book of Revelation (19:11-21) in the New Testament the carnage will be so great that the blood of the casualties will “rise as high as horses’ bridles” (Revelation 14:20).
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Filming the underwater archeological park at the Caesarea Harbor
We are happy to let you know about the opening of a new underwater archeological park at the Caesarea Harbor in Israel which we find extremely interesting for filming.
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Archaeology: International Conference Finds Clues on Daily Life
The event included input from scholars from around the globe, who presented research and findings on excavations at Bethsaida, an ancient Biblical city located near the north coast of the Sea of Galilee in Israel.
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Archaeology News in Israel
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