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Why shoot commercial in Israel?

Israel is an ideal location to shoot your next commercial. Stunning locations and top of the line crews are part of the added value we have in Israel. We provided production services to last year’s diamond commercial of DeBeers company, which was just stunning: De Beers – Moment In Light Trailer by 張靜初 X 王志伯. Shot during a two-day production between the deserts of the Dead Sea and the old city of Jerusalem. The options for locations in Israel are endless.

We think creatively and production efficient. At least once a week I go on a scout, for my work but also for my passion to discover new interesting places. I walk around in our mountains, deserts, rivers, cities, buildings and old towns. I look at interesting faces of people. I meet with ancient tribes on one day, and the next I am doing projects with the most fashionable people of Tel Aviv. I thk the secret is to mix culture colours and locations.
I traveled to the Saini desert last year to film for a US company. I took an extra day to scout the cost line of north part of the Sinai peninsula. I found amazing beaches and small villages of people making hand made colourful art. It gave me the inspiration for my location book I am preparing.

I have great tips and recommendations for you what to shoot in the region of the Holy land. We are lucky to have great infrastructure in Israel of production services for international productions. You will find in Israel a mix of beautiful people, amazing hair and make up people, nice accommodations. It’s a small country with variety of locations, great weather, quality film equipment, experienced productionteams, and very tasty food:)
We do things in style. We love our work. We never stop searching our region for the best shoot ever.

Yours truly

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