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hello from Israel and Palestine

We just wanted to be in touch and to say hello from Israel and Palestine during these turbulent times in the Middle East. We are hoping the situation will calm down soon, but we are also happy to see that people are continuing with their projects. More so, that they are being inspired to keep working on peace resolution initiatives. Last week for example, we filmed with an F5 for PBS in a camp for Jewish and Palestinian kids, located in Ashkelon. We filmed with an excellent local crew and we sent the material directly to the clients.

Biblical Productions is a service company, and you don’t need to be IN Israel to take advantage of these services. If you are in need of certain footage related to the Middle East, we invite you to contact us with your requests. This can be for any kind of footage you might need, whether it is footage of a project, nature, archaeology, history or travel related. We hire the local crew, take care of all arrangements and we send you the material at the end of the shooting days.

Hoping for a quiet and wonderful day.

From Jerusalem saying Shalom,

Sharon and Nathalie

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