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Hi friends and colleagues,
Welcome to the blog of Biblical Productions.
Here you will find what we are up to, recommendations, great photos of locations, advice, and other interesting information about our productions. We supply boutique production services in Israel and the Middle East. We will write about everything that can be of interest to your productions as well. This blog will cover all details of production, from exclusive locations to film as to where we take crews for lunch, so everyone will be happy. We will bring our style and experiences here for everyone who can benefit.

As a first item, we would like to bring to everyone’s attention that the Jerusalem Foundation will give more financial support to big feature films. Yes, it’s a new road that is open to international companies who want to film in Israel. You will need a local producer from Jerusalem to send in an application. We will be happy to partner and we will supply top rank production services. So for your next feature film ask us how to enjoy the benefits of filming in Jerusalem. We have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer. Israel has top crews, authentic amazing locations in Jerusalem and a production structure to turn your project into a movie.

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