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Biblical Productions owns extensive Archive Footage Israel on various subjects such as wars of Israel, archaeological sites in Israel, Holy Land locations, aerial footage, biblical footage and much more. We are a unique source of Archive Footage Israel. Send us your list of Archive Footage Israel and we will prepare the footage for your film.

Archive Footage Israel is available all year long at Biblical Productions. We have collected a very impressive archive over the years. Time laps, Dead Sea shoots, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Akko, interviews with major political figures such as Rabin, Peres, Barak, and Netanyahu are available from our Archive Footage Israel.

Our Archive Footage Israel can be the key for your research about Israel and we can do additional research for you with other archives in Israel that we cooperate with. Our Archive Footage Israel can save your time and money.

To find just the right shot for your film is our expertise. For numerous years, we have followed religious ceremonies and major historical events in Israel. Biblical Productions is a supplier for many productions companies over the world. We regularly work with networks such has CNN and ABC.

Archive Footage Israel includes landscapes, shots of modern Israel, Jewish ceremonies, Muslims praying at the Dome of the Rock, Easter celebrations in Jerusalem, major churches in the Holy Land, Israeli air force footage, Holocaust footage, Tel Aviv footage, Israel National Parks footage, Christian footage, three religion footage, Israeli solders footage, Intifada footage, Eilat footage, underwater footage, Masada footage, Jericho Footage, Jerusalem Tunnel footage, and much more.
Our archive includes an immense variety of shots and locations that can enrich your film. Our services for Archive Footage in Israel are very professional and thorough and we will make sure to get you the best shots possible.

For many productions, and especially news and documentary, the usage of archival footage is indispensable. Thus you will find our Archive Footage Israel very interesting. We can provide you with beautiful Israeli desert shots, sunrises and sunsets over biblical locations in Israel, Judah and Samaria, caves and tombs, and hills and water shots from the Galilee. All this is part of our unique Archive Footage in Israel. Try our Archive Footage Israel and we will supply you with more information. For Archive Footage Israel contact us at:
Biblical Productions is particularly well endowed with footage of Israeli and Christianmaterial related to the region. Whether you are interested in footage from Acre, Nazareth, the Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, or Jericho. We also have available archival footage on Israel’s wars, and footage on a variety of subjects related to Israel’s geography, history, politics, religions, and archaeology .

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And an inspirational program on the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls can be ordered. Because all footage libraries in Israel are open to us, we can do research for you on many different subjects as well. For further information, please write to us.

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