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Filming in Bethlehem - Special for Christmas
The Legends of Zedekiah’s Cave
New Museum Opens at Masada National Park
Rare Jewish Scroll Unveiled at the Israel Museum
The Burnt House
Filming in Bethlehem - Special for Christmas
The Legends of Zedekiah’s Cave
New Museum Opens at Masada National Park
Rare Jewish Scroll Unveiled at the Israel Museum
The Burnt House
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Filming the Parables of Jesus in Israel
Israel's 60 Years of Statehood
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Articles - Israel's 60 Years of Statehood

Israel is turning 60, and that means that there will be a lot to film and document around the country. The occasion of Israel’s 60th birthday makes it an interesting time to come and film in Israel and delve into all sorts of areas of Israeli society. If you would like to film in Israel we are your one-stop address for all your production needs. There are a variety of places to film across the country. For more ideas and information on specific locations, see our location guide or send us requests for locations.

Biblical Productions has a vast film archive encompassing all areas of Israeli history and society. For instance, if you would like to make a film about 60 years of Israeli architecture, 60 years of Israeli food, or 60 years of Israeli government, we can supply you with footage for your film. Biblical Productions can also arrange interviews with top Israeli government officials and various key personalities from across the spectrum of society.

During the year we will make sure that you are fully updated on important events taking place around the country in honor of Israel’s 60th anniversary. In addition, if you would like us to cover a specific event we can supply you with great coverage using the most professional and efficient Israeli film crews.

Over the next few months, check back at the site to read fascinating articles dedicated to Israel’s 60th birthday.

First 60 Year Celebrations Announced

The organization in charge of Israel’s 60th anniversary events recently released a list of events that will take place around the country on May 8th, 2008 - Independence Day eve, and May 9th - Independence Day. Several special activities taking place throughout the entire year were announced as well.
Here is a preliminary list of events that are being organized in honor of Israel’s 60th:
Video Presentation - At 10:00pm on May 8th, there will be a video presentation displayed simultaneously on stages across the country that will deal with significant milestones in Israel’s history.
Achievements Exhibit – In several cities around the country there will be an exhibit displaying Israel’s achievements in medicine, science, technology, agriculture, security industries, culture and art.
Sound and Light Show – On Independence Day eve there will be a huge show with lights, music, lasers, and special effects. The show will take place simultaneously in tens of locations around Israel and will also be broadcast on television.
Party at the Yarkon Park – There will be a huge party with dancing and other festivities at the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv that will take place on May 9th during the afternoon. The event will be open to the public and entrance is free.
Sea of Galilee Trail – Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority is taking part in creating a path that will surround the Sea of Galilee and will be 60 km in length. During the year there will be free guided tours for children and youth, and some sections will be handicap accessible.
Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Bike Path – In conjunction with the Jewish National Fund, a bike path will be paved between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, approximately 60 km in length. The path is expected to be completed by October 2008 and different educational projects are planned for the length of the route.
Football – Israel’s premiere football team will host one of the top European teams for an exhibition match. Children will receive free entrance and the entire event will be dedicated to the movement against violence in sports.